Winter Lit-up

soccer cohorts

  • we supply pinnies

  • we provide lights

  • we provide soccer equipment

  • $10/game rate

Since May 2020 we organized over 170 games for this program as free soccer 7X week. COVID is hard on all of us. We all need an outlet to cope: we need soccer, sweating, and laughs. Spartan Soccer offered free footie as our way of giving back to the community.

The demand for soccer continued with our members into the Fall despite the earlier sunset. We secured equipment (flood lights, LED soccer balls, reflective pinnies, etc.) We now charge a $10/game. This will continue throughout the Winter playing in the snow, too.

The dynamic culture that has arisen in this program has resulted in better soccer for all: Improved skills, soccer mentors, and new friends. We welcome all: beginners will be mentored and encouraged, experts will be challenged. Everyone fits with us. Just bring the right attitude and spirit to the great game.


  • Extra weight loss
  • Sharper focus
  • More alert
  • Stress release
  • Not overheating has allowed all of us to play longer
  • The body heats up fast while active

  • touches and ball controlled improved
  • everyone was moving and having fun
  • new skills were learned tracking the LED ball
  • energy increased

  • the laughter, the jokes, the camaraderie

Join the lit-up snow soccer revolution!

Soccer Lights and Winter Soccer

Our night program is an innovation to soccer in the region. Also, snow soccer is nothing new. It’s a blast with many benefits. There’s no reason we can’t play in the cold so we continued the outdoor program from the summer. Why stop?

Snow on the field is not the issue. If you need the field cleared in order to play then you may be a tad dainty for this program and should consider softer activities: sleeping, eating, playing video games, and gaining winter weight. After a few minutes, the snow is flattened by us anyway. After a few games, you will climatize to this.

You also should come into this with a different mindset. The winter sports are modified based on temperature/players/conditions to make this work. Dress in layers and you are fine. Cleats work year-round. When you join our program we send you all the info you need on how to dress and get prepared.

Also, comparatively, you burn off significantly more calories faster playing in the winter versus summer. We estimate that at least 2X more calories burned in 1/4 of the time – its phenomenal! You’ll be beach ready by Valentine’s Day!

Our experience so far shows we can play up to -20 with no wind. We had a chart developed by experts for us for our other winter program to determine what activities and duration are suitable. Properly dressed in layers and you can manage this easily.

Send us an email to join our outdoor cohort program.

Send us an email to join a cohort!

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You can play multiple times a week, following this schedule:

  • Sun/Tues/Thurs: St. Albert

  • Wed/Fri: Southside

  • 8v8 or 12v12 depending on location


Nov 2 Membership Update

  • Membership: 291

  • Games played: 179

  • Got a talking to: 46

  • Uninvited: 18

  • Banned: 2


  • The combo of cold and sweating was perfect
  • Wearing cotton is a disaster
  • Wearing the proper gear (base layer, mid, etc) gives you full control of your comfort
  • After finding your comfy zone of layers, you are fine
  • After a few sessions you get climatized to playing in cold weather

Guidlines and General Info

Things that make you welcomed/appreciated/respected
  • Encouraging others
  • Compliments
  • Passing to the best position
  • Mindful of the age and skill spread of our groups
  • Adapting your skills to fit the team
  • Knowing we all struggle with how COVID messed things up and need an outlet
  • Play as if everyone is your brother and sister
  • You have a white and a black shirt!
Things that make you dumb/dangerous/annoying
  • No sliding tackles
  • Cleats down
  • Forgetting bug spray
  • Ball hogs
  • No coaching
  • Playing competitively in a friendly
  • Grabbing players
  • Again, really? You don’t have a white shirt?
  • You forgot your shorts?
  • How did you forget your cleats?
  • Are you for real?
  • Game confirmation and team details 1 hour before kick off via email
  • Play without a keeper so everyone gets cardio
  • 3m rule for goals (inside the 3m zone)
  • Full gear optional
  • Play till exhaustion: The Spartan Way!
  • Last goal wins
  • We have tunes playing


Hey, was great meeting you as well. First impressions I thought it was great finally able to play some soccer and get back to good old habits. I would love to continue and possibly carry this into the winter with indoor soccer. Wouldn’t mind being apart of a competitive team if that comes up but so far playing casually like Saturday as a non competitive game was a lot of fun!
Thanks again for the last minute acceptance and happy to be part of this!

Great game today! Really enjoyed the atmosphere. As you can tell I’m pretty novice but I’m working towards bettering myself. Have never really taken the game seriously and have always just played casually, so this was actually my first real game.

It was fantastic, hope to see you soon guys.


The program is really fun! People are really great and fun to hang out with afterwards too! And it’s helping a lot with getting my overall confidence back, too. 🥳 Will definitely sign up for the indoor cohort program 


I had a great time. It was a great introduction into the Spartan soccer organization and hopefully I can register my team into the Spartan soccer organization soon. In the meantime, I will definitely be returning to play some more football. 

It was fun , I really appreciated the chance to get out and get some touches on the ball . It’s also very nice to get some cardio in . I was a little rusty from indoor season but hopefully I can join you guys more often