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Spartan is showcasing how passionate players express their love of this beautiful game on and off the field. Through caption contests to writing poetry about football and more to come, join the fun and win prizes!

All Things Spartan

Tell us about your love of soccer in a story or poem for the Happy Soccer Day (replaces Valentine’s Day). The themes can be anything: how you started in soccer and the joy you get, what keeps you going, why you play, whatever. Romance it up as if you are in a deep love liaison with soccer or if you’ve started courting soccer recently. We believe soccer forms a perfect relationship for everyone. Send entries via email to: info@spartansoccer.ca
1st: Free registration for our summer program ($120 value)
2nd: Next 2 selected will get a $50 credit towards our summer program
3rd: Next 3 will get a $20 credit towards our summer program
Deadline is March 10. Winners will be selected by March 15.

Winners for 2023

1st Place: Parisa Wazir

I  Love Kicking Balls

I used to watch from the side lines while my friends played like stars. An immigrant family, sports was not on our financial radar. I’d admire the colourful jerseys, the cleats and skills from afar. 

I longed to play and always imagined myself dramatically running past the defence. I would make soccer balls out of aluminum and play by myself.  I imagined the colour of my cleats gleaming green against the turf grass. I would practice my running, I wanted to be really fast. 

Finally the day came where I got to play for fun. The boys were mean so I shrunk myself playing a position I knew for me wasn’t the one. I realized my confidence was so low. I doubted that I could ever even score a goal. And so I removed myself and played other sports.

That’s until I found the Spartan cohorts. The league was so welcoming and Teo was the best. 

They encouraged me and cheered for me until I once again found my zest. I grew into a forward, I started scoring goals and making moves. But most importantly I found a supportive, crazy fun place where regardless of the score I couldn’t lose. 

Soccer became my happy place above all.

And so I let loose and never since have I stopped kicking balls.


2nd Place: Nick Mac Adam
Oh soccer, my heart beats for thee,
Your graceful moves and beauty, I can see,
With every dribble and each perfect pass,
I am enamored, forever to last.
The roar of the crowd, the excitement in the air,
The thrill of the chase, without a care,
The rush of adrenaline, with every score,
I am in love, forever more.
Your field, my darling, a canvas so green,
With every play, a masterpiece unseen,
The way you bring people together, with one goal,
Is a love like no other, that continues to unfold.
3rd Place: Melissa Costigan
Dearest Soccer: you were my first, and everlasting love.
You’re so perfect, you must have been sent from the gods above.
When injuries sideline me, I do a lot of crying.
But I will love you forever, and I’m not lying.

Caption This Shot!

See the images herein. There are two examples to review. Download the image that appeals to you the most, add an amusing caption or chat balloons, and send to us: info@spartansoccer.ca

We will pick the top three and award prizes: 

1st: $120 Spartan credits

2nd: $50 Spartan credits

3rd: $20 Spartan credits

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