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Spartan Soccer is Alberta’s newest soccer association. We offer robust soccer leagues and community fitness programs. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made it our mission to provide the best sports and community fitness cohorts we can, playing lit-up snow soccer and organized socially distant activities all over Edmonton and St. Albert up until the athletic lock-down. Send us an email if you want in on the action once the restrictions are eased!

Alberta’s premier adult soccer leagues

Spartan News & COVID Updates

COVID-19 UPDATE - November 2020

Due to the current lockdown in place for all Alberta, until January 12th, we have suspended our incredibly popular COVID Snow Soccer Program and instead we’ve started something new to help us all stay social and healthy – Hiking! We are currently organizing hikes all accross Edmonton and St. Albert

We are moving platforms - December 14, 2020

Spartan has decided that due to our growth we will be moving platforms. Stay tuned for more updates!

Hiking! - December 9, 2020

We were offering socially distant hiking, until the most recent lockdown that came into place on December 9th. We hope to continue once restrictions are eased.

Snow soccer - November 3, 2020

When the snow fell, we continued! With a new lit-up ball and some determination, we play in the snow. You’ve never experienced anything like it!

The Evening Night Program - October 13, 2020

We debuted our evening program with our own floodlights, and a lot of laughs!

About Spartan Soccer

Spartan Soccer was founded in 2017, starting out as a summer tournament and growing into a thriving co-ed soccer league, multiple annual tournaments, and bootcamps. In 2020 we debuted out Women’s and Men’s Open League, and our Youth Program. When the pandemic hit in March, we were able to pivot on a dime and offer a free outdoor soccer program as a way of giving back to the community and help people cope with the stress of the pandemic.  We have evolved with the times to provide cohort sports (when we are able to and it is safe to do so). We hope you join our movement!

Serving Our Soccer Community Since 2017

~soccer for passion~

Spartan Programs

Co-ed Soccer

Our premier adult coed soccer with divisions, standings, and mentors to give you the safest and most enjoyable soccer experience. Turf, non-boarded

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Master’s Co-ed

We did it first: The region’s only adults co-ed for ages 35+; divisions, standings, turf, non-boarded. Great for couples!

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Men’s League

Also features an Open Age league. We only play on premium fields both outdoors and indoors. Turf, non-boarded.

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Women’s League

Also features an Open Age league. We only play on premium fields both outdoors and indoors. Turf, non-boarded.

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Youth Soccer

We feel a child should love the sport. We developed a system that opens that passion and confidence designed from the grass roots upwards such that your child will yearn to play. Turf, non-boarded.

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The famous training bootcamp by Spartan is focused on small classes featuring individualized custom training for any skill set (novice to expert) and field positions (including the coveted Keeper Training). Guaranteed to improve your abilities or full refund.

Community Programs

We’ve devised an outdoor program that is modified daily based upon the weather conditions to ensure your enjoyment, activity, and health is top of mind. Further, we have placed a cap of 20 members to a cohort group. The smallest cohort group should be 8 members.

Spartan “Lit-up Night” Cohorts

Our night program is an innovation to soccer in the region. We have lights for the field, as well as a lit-up ball! It’s a blast with many benefits. There’s no reason we can’t play in the cold so we continued the outdoor program from the summer. Why stop?