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A year full of soccer with Spartan. Join the fam as we have everything to suit your needs: COED programs running through the week, Mens, Womens,and Masters teams in EDSA, VMSL, SAMMRL, and SASA. Launching Youth club & Community in 2023 fall. Always adding more and pushing the norm. Read more about them below.

  • More games per season than elsewhere
  • Season finals, trophy, medals, standings
  • Annual Spartan Championship in September
  • Annual Game of Trophies (GoT) in December
  • You can sub as requested for other teams without restrictions
  • Payment plans are offered
  • Team managers get fully enabled team management software
  • Want to improve? Check out our Adult, Youth, and Goalkeeper Training Programs

Keep Your Teams Together – Registration Is Open!

2024 Spring/Summer


EDSA Womens

Yes Footie Adults

Coached Team Training


VMSL 35 Premier (no boards)


Spartan Adult COED




VMSL 45 & 55 (no boards)


EDSA 35+ Masters

VMSL 45 & 55 (no boards)


Training Camps

Yes Footie Adults


Adult Training Camps

Yes Footie Adults

SAMMRL: Mens 35+


Adult Menu

We register and manage teams in external leagues in addition to our internal programs. Herein you will find our teams and the details for each league. Some teams have structured training with coaches (such as our EDSA Mens). All teams are invited to coached sessions as a bonus. During these sessions there are drills conducted for about 20 minutes and then the groups split up into scrimmages.

Our goals is to build the Spartan family with teams everywhere. As you age out of a division you will have a team to migrate to. Lots of soccer. One Spartan family.

Currently we have:

VMSL 35 (Tuesday)

VMSL 45 (Thursday/Friday rotation)

VMSL 55 (Thursday/Friday rotation)

EDSA Mens 1 (Thursday)

EDSA Mens 2 (Wednesday)

EDSA Masters 35+ (Friday)

SAMMSL 35+ (Sunday)

SASA COED (Sunday)

Adding for summer:

EDSA Men 45+ Rec (Friday)

EDSA Men 45+ (Fridays)

EDSA Men 3 (Tues or Wed)

EDSA Women (Sunday)

SASA COED (Sunday)

Spartan COED (Wednesday)

Individual players ready to join are by invite only. Please email: info@spartansoccer.ca

If you wish to register a full COED team, then back out of this window, select the register button for our registration portal for the options you wish. We can also help you recruit players from our pool.

All registration links will go live midnight Mar 11, 2024.

League Information (all)

VMSL (Victoria Masters Soccer League)

Victoria Soccer Club. Indoors year round, non boarded, turf; Winter: Oct – Apr; Summer: May – Oct, 2×30 minutes, 10v10 & 8v8 rotated weekly, 20 games with finals, 1 week break between seasons

Tues: 35+, evenings

Thur & Fri (rotation): 45+ & 55+, evenings

45 & 55 are allowed limited underage players (40+ & 50+)

EDSA (Edmonton District Soccer Association)

Various Edmonton locations. Indoors: Oct – Feb, boarded, 2×25, 6v6, 14-18 games. Outdoors: May – Aug, Grass & turf, 2×45, 11v11, 14-18 games, 1.5 month break between seasons. Most games are on weekdays with makeup games on weekends. Age 35+ are Fridays. No games on long weekends. *Bonus: regular players aged 35+ can trial list for free on our men and women teams

SAMMSL (St. Albert Mens Masters Soccer League)

Victoria Soccer Club. Sundays only. Indoors: turf, non boarded, Winter: Oct – April, 2×35, 10v10, 20 games includes finals. Outdoors: grass, 2×45, 11v11, 20 games includes finals. Rain out moved to indoor fields same time.

SASA (St. Albert Soccer Association)

Indoors, boarded, Servus Place, 2×25, 6v6, 14 games, Oct – Feb. Outdoors: grass, St. Albert, 2×45, 11v11, 14 games, May – Aug. Sun, evenings, make up games are Wed evenings.

Spartan COED

Spartan program. Outdoors: Weekly rotation between turf stadium and grass fields. Grass field: 2×45 mins, 11v11, Turf stadium: 2×45 mins, 9v9; 3 mini seasons: 8 games each. Outdoors: May – Oct. Wednesdays, evenings for summer, moves to Sunday evenings for Sept & Oct. You can register a full team or as a player looking to join a team.

Bonus: regular players on any of our teams play our COED free if requested

Bonus: regular players in our COED program can sub for free on any team as requested

Bonus: regular players also get our Yes Footie program for free

Yes Footie

Spartan program. Various outdoor fields in Edmonton & St. Albert. 2-3X week. Organized scrimmage. Up to 120 minutes, 6v6 – 15v15 (based upon turn out). We provide pinnies, set up field, and music.

Sub Pool

Spartan Program. This is ideal if you want to try Spartan COED or can’t play as a regular. You can join a team on a drop in basis for $15/game. All per games fees will be deducted against players fees when you are ready to join an internal Spartan COED team. 

Youth Menu

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Rev: Aug 21, 2023

We currently offer three different tournaments during the year with a theme. This will be open event for all residents of Alberta for Mens, Womens, COED, and Youth teams.  Spartan may change the formatting and structure depending upon number of teams registered. We will play exclusively at a turf stadium venues for the premium experience our players dersrve. Free parking, clean washrooms, and change rooms. Free access for spectators to watch.

Each of the events is based upon endurance. Participants play three games back to back: That is the Spartan way.

Spartan Championships (SC)

Game Of Trophies (GoT)

Pandemic Cup (PC)


7v7, 8v8, and 9v9, crossfield

2×25 minute games

3 games back to back for Gold, Silver, Bronze

Winning team gets team labled on trophy and team swag

Sub on the fly from center

16 players min on roster, max 25

Min 4 females if COED on roster

Min 2 females on pitch at all times if COED

Max fielded players 20

Teams must provide numbered matching jerseys or pinnies

Must provide image of kits/pinnies to Spartan

May be required to have alternative kit if Home team

Turf shoes are preferred on artificial turf

Players registered in the tourney can assist other teams if requested

Full gear, review rules: https://spartan.soccer/rules/

Bonus For All Participants

Food & libation specials at select locations post event.

$30 credit for the Sub Pool program in Spartan

$30 Spartan credit with Spartan for future registrations

Training & Bootcamps Menu

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to make a team but I don’t want the hassle of chasing down fees

Each player can pay online towards team fees as an option. You don’t chase anyone.

  • That’s pretty cool you came up with the 4 week, 2x games/week as a season called a flight

Thanks, we think so, too. But… what’s your question?

  • What if some of my roster drop out or can’t afford the player fees?

Recruit and replace. We manage a wait list, too.

  • What if our team can only play 2 of the 5 flights?

That can be done. We designed the program to best handle the pandemic uncertainties whilst giving max game time for players in concentrated pockets.

  • I registered my team elsewhere, but we want Spartan now.

We hear that often and thanks. Can you get a refund? We have rapid onboarding to help your team join.

  • 18 players required?

No, you can have a smaller roster.

  • Can I have more than 18?

No, but you can recruit more players and replace as needed for each flight of games.

  • Can I charge players more than what is posted towards the team fee?

You charge what you want. Be upfront with your players.

  • Can I subsidize the team fees and spread the balance amongst players?

Yes and we can set it up as you wish for online player payments.

  • What if there is a shutdown mid way through a flight?

We delay until they allow us to continue.

  • How does a shut down overlap with the next flight?

It doesn’t. Unplayed games per flight are applied against the next flight.

  • What if the whole summer season is under pandemic and we only play 1 month?

That’s why we devised the flight concept so that we can pivot quickly, enjoy games in a compressed format, and bunker down as per AHS.

  • Do our players get to play for free in the cohort program on the other days?


  • Do the players in the cohort program get to play as a sub on our team if we’re short?

No. The cohort players would need to upgrade. You can recruit them.

  • I have a team of 12, how does the team fee work?

The team fee doesn’t change.