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A year full of soccer with Spartan. Join the fam as we have everything to suit your needs: COED programs running through the week, Mens, Womens,and Masters teams in EDSA, VMSL, SAMMRL, and SASA. Always adding more and pushing the norm. Read more about them below.

  • More games per season than elsewhere
  • Season finals, trophy, medals, standings
  • Annual Spartan Championship in September
  • Annual Game of Trophies (GoT) in December
  • You can sub as requested for other teams without restrictions
  • Payment plans are offered
  • Team managers get fully enabled team management software
  • Want to improve? Check out our Adult, Youth, and Goalkeeper Training Programs

Keep Your Teams Together – Registration Is Open!

2022-23 Fall/Winter Programs


Spartan Futsal: Mens

Yes Footie Program


VMSL 35 Premier (non boarded)

Yes Footie Program


Spartan Futsal: Youth

Yes Footie Program


Spartan Futsal: Womens

EDSA Mens (boarded)

Yes Footie Program


EDSA 35+ Masters (boarded)

EDSA 45+ Rec (non boarded)

VMSL 45 Majors (non boarded)

Spartan Futsal: Adult COED


Adult Training Camps

Spartan Futsal: Youth

Yes Footie Program


Adult Training Camps

EDSA Womens (boarded)

SASA: COED (boarded)

SAMMRL: Mens 35+ (non boarded)

Futsal (Adult & Youth)

Futsal has a beautiful history and is a perfect solution for all skill levels working together on a team. Our region has long winters and this sport is ideal to keep everyone in shape during the slog of winter. 

Benefits of Futsal over regular indoor soccer are many regardless of talent: improved skills, agility, and team work. Using a smaller, harder, lower-bounce ball upon a non boarded area, the ball and rules favour ball control and passing in small spaces. Futsal games emphasize control, improvisation, creativity, and technique. It removes relying upon the skills of a single player carrying the game (typical in smaller indoor formats) and elevates team work as primary. It forces team work and eliminates static players.

The format and rules are simple and not much different from soccer. The transition will be easy. The simple gist is the team gets the foul, only kick ins, no offsides, sub on the fly, and the 4 second rule. In a 5v5 format (includes keeper) this becomes a fast paced game where there is no static player: everyone is active and critical to working as a team.

We will offer this in Adult (single and mixed gender) and Youth leagues. Our officials will mentor and instruct players and teams during matches. We will use a 2 referee system based upon international match requirements. This will ensure a robust instructional system, rapidly benefitting all participants. 

Format & Requirements

5v5 (includes keeper)

2×25 minute max halves

Sub on fly, No offsides, No slide tackles, No throw ins

No Keeper punts, ball must be below head height or lose possession

Game officials will mentor and provide instruction to all teams each game

12 players max suited per game

16 player max on roster

Required: court shoes, shin guards, shorts, socks covering guards

Mouth guards and sport glasses are a personal choice 

Each team provides an adult sized Futsal game ball

Teams must supply numbered and matching jerseys or pinnies

Players registered on any Futsal team can sub on other teams for free

8 games/season for trophy, team name on trophy badge

Winter is a multi season option called Flights. We plan for at least 3 flights of 8 games each.

All Star Games possibly added between flights or long weekends

Regular matches do not occur during long weekends or statutory holidays currently

Click the Register button on the top of this page to join as a player or team.

Yes Footie

Yes Footie

This is our year round outdoor program. As our evenings get darker, we set up floodlights, LED impact ball, and flashing cones to outline the field for us to play upon. We also supply bright pinnies and music to groove to as we play on. This program continues into the snow season as we’ve been doing this since 2020 to much player joy. This program runs on non league days.

Dressing in layers, this is more fun than regular soccer, especially when the snow hits then it becomes more like beach soccer. We prep you how to dress, etc. We’ve played at -15 with no issues.

Here’s how the season will go

    • Pinnies (and when necessary, lights) will be provided to designate each side (teams emailed out approx. one hour prior to the game based on registered participants).
    • Warmup music, flags, markers and practice/game balls also provided
    • *Registered participants in the Adult or Youth programs get the this option included
    • Spartan Admin must be contacted in advance if you wish to bring in a guest

Click the Register button on the top of this page to join as a player or team.

Sub Pool

Sub Pool

We bring back our famous Sub Pool from COVID hibernation. This allows you to test drive Spartan, check out teams, and be recruited for an existing team. Another great way to get back into a competitive game structure if you’ve been absent, or returning from an injury, or just shopping for a regular team. This allows for lifestyle flexibility without commitment.

  • Small annual registration fee connects you for a full year to Spartan
  • Per game rate allows you to pay and play when you can
  • You can play on any team when requested
  • Once you join a team, then all you per games fees are applied to your team fees
  • Rapid online secure payment system is easy
  • 2022 fees are $30/year and $10/game


We currently offer three different tournaments during the year with a theme. This will be open event for all residents of Alberta for Mens, Womens, COED, and Youth teams.  Spartan may change the formatting and structure depending upon number of teams registered. We will play exclusively at a turf stadium venues for the premium experience our players dersrve. Free parking, clean washrooms, and change rooms. Free access for spectators to watch.

Each of the events is based upon endurance. Participants play three games back to back: That is the Spartan way.

Spartan Championships (SC)

Game Of Throphies (GoT)

Pandemic Cup (PC)


7v7, 8v8, and 9v9, crossfield

2×25 minute games

3 games back to back for Gold, Silver, Bronze

Winning team gets team labled on trophy and team swag

Sub on the fly from center

16 players min on roster, max 25

Min 4 females if COED on roster

Min 2 females on pitch at all times if COED

Max fielded players 20

Teams must provide numbered matching jerseys or pinnies

Must provide image of kits/pinnies to Spartan

May be required to have alternative kit if Home team

Turf shoes are preferred on artificial turf

Players registered in the tourney can assist other teams if requested

Full gear, review rules: https://spartan.soccer/rules/

Bonus For All Participants

Food & libation specials at select locations post event.

$30 credit for the Sub Pool program in Spartan

$30 Spartan credit with Spartan for future registrations

Summer Outdoors: Open Mens, Open Womens, COED

Outdoor Information

The format and structure differs slightly relative to our indoor versions.

OPEN Men or Women, COED

  • 9v9 format, up to 90 minutes
  • Turf based primarily, stadium lights as needed
  • Edmonton and St. Albert locations
  • 6:30PM or 7PM game starts
  • Late games finish by 10:15PM
  • Turf shoes required, shin guards, shorts, socks
  • Teams: must provide numbered and matching jerseys
  • COED: 2 minimum opposite gender on field at all times
  • COED: 4 minimum opposite gender on roster
  • COED: numbered matching pinnies are allowed
  • COED: 1 referee
  • COED: Sub on fly at mid line
  • OPEN: 2 referees
  • OPEN: Sub at referee call at mid line
  • OPEN: numbered matching jerseys only
  • 20 registered players at start of season for all teams. Max 25
  • Exemptions may be considered for highly committed teams for less than 20 players
  • Max 8 teams per division
  • Multi season (flight) summer: 8 games per season (flight)
  • 1 week break, then start new season
  • First flight: May 1 – Jun 24
  • Second flight: Jul 4 – Aug 26
  • Third flight: Sep 5 – Oct 28
  • Players of these league teams can sub any Spartan Soccer league game free
  • Drop In or Cohort program included free


All payments can be made online via our secure portal only.

If team rep is paying for team fees:

First Flight: SOLD OUT

Second Flight: SOLD OUT

Third Flight: SOLD OUT

Email us for a registration link or select the REGISTER button on top of this page.

If your team players are registering and paying individually, then send us an email for details: info@spartansoccer.ca


Adult Training & Youth Community Option

A huge risk since the pandemic is the wane in player skills and conditioning. As such, we have decided to focus on that drop in skills and conditioning with a new program (while still keeping players safer than running a full/regular season). 

This also serves as a great introduction to soccer for those wishing to test it out and be more prepared. Can also be a couples night!

These groups only play amongst themselves and have a coach to train them during the session (with warmup, training drills, scrimmages and post training/cooldowns).

Join for a 10 week training course designed to improve you, or if you join as a team, to make you more effective as a team when you decide to enter league play later in Spartan or any other league.

Players gain the benefit of rapid improvement and refresher of diminished skills. Coaches will provide group and individualized training focused on targets and improved team dynamics. The end result is a stronger team upon return to regular season play.

It also becomes a “launch point” for players that currently aren’t part of an existing team; it will prime them to become a team during the sessions and then migrate to regular league play.

All programs are offered as either gender based or COED.

Session Information (60 minutes with a coach):

  • Training will be 1x per week.
  • Boards are not being used in training or games (focus is within the marked lines).
  • Each session’s format includes:
    – pregame warmup and preparations;
    – training and skill enhancement;
    – a full scrimmage; and
    – post training/cooldown and review.
  • Training includes: conditioning, skills development, tactics and strategies.

Program fees:

  • Adults (weekends only):10 sessions
    • 12 Pack (1 coach and 12 player limit)
      • $2020/team or $179/player

     We offer a 100% refund if you are not fully satisfied with our program. We guarantee you will become a strong, better player or your money back.

    Goalkeeper Training

    All sessions (youth and adults are combined) are split into four to six 15-minute segments depending on the number of participants. Instructors will adjust to customized one-on-one training that includes: warm up, strength, plyometric, endurance and skill portions (up to three repetitions per session).

    Sessions can be customized for participants in advance if trainers are informed on specific needs so they can create a proper development plan. Otherwise, the trainers will customize sessions during the course based upon the skills of the participants.

    Wide-range of Skill Options

    The trainers have all the necessary training and equipment to accommodate all skill levels. Basic skills to more advanced and complicated movements will be assessed and trained so that all participants will succeed in our programs. Instruction sessions may have different trainers during the week, but the trainers collaborate together with a specialized program for each participant.

    A typical session would consist of:
    – warm-up;
    – basic handling, catching and distribution (teaching or refreshment of technique);
    – drills incorporating skill focus for the session (e.g., angles, high-balls, crosses, tipping, throwing, kicking, reaction, etc.);
    – drills focused on footwork/positioning and basic diving;
    – free shooting style drills; and
    – cool-down.

    The sessions will be dependent on who is being trained (and their skill levels), as well as what makes sense for the group to work on or what they want the focus to be.

    Goal Keeper Training—Basics, Brushing Up and Advanced

    This program is ideal for those looking to learn this challenging position, and for those looking to dust off their skills and keep active. It is a great opportunity to step into the position and learn basic to advanced skills without the pressure of getting thrown in net because your regular goalkeeper couldn’t make it.

    Suitable for:
    • people who have soccer experience (even if it was a long time ago);
    • coaches wanting to learn hands-on basics of goalkeeper training;
    • individuals focused on improving conditioning;
    • those looking to develop new skills; and/or
    • individuals looking to refresh existing techniques (especially after not playing for an extended time).

    Youth Training

    We are focused on grassroots soccer and options for custom training and advanced skills. Training is completed via small groups.

    Participating in small group/class sizes allows for more one-on-one training, and this helps to better integrate your child into the exciting world of soccer at the grassroots level. On a more advanced level, our coaches provide additional strategic training that helps to accelerate development. We build upon our premise that soccer training should be ongoing, while still giving the flexibility for everyone’s unique lifestyles (other sports participation, time commitments and other extra-curricular activities, etc.).

    Spartan Soccer (youth) programs are set up as monthly basis. If your child is new to soccer, or you wish to see how our system works and compare it to other leagues or programs; try us for a month and see if it suits your child. The youth program is set up to run two or three days a week (evening) training, culminating with a game on the weekend. 

    Grassroots (ages 6 – 10)

    This program is designed to introduce children new to soccer, as well as those looking to carry on with an existing interest in having fun. The focus is on a less competitive environment while still developing skills and confidence.

    Typically, children will play soccer only during sessions, but they may practice when prompted by parent or friends. One never knows the potential of any child that finds joy in soccer and their interest in developing their skills into a more advanced level. We believe every child has this potential and strive to cultivate that joy.

    Advanced (ages 8 – 11)

    This program is designed for children that are excited about soccer and are self-motivated to train at home with little prompting. These children also play soccer outside of training sessions with parents and friends. At this level, we explore and cultivate if a child is interested and inclined to enjoy participating at more competitive levels; and if the club route is part of their destination as they grow, they will develop skills and confidence to perform at an advanced level. And regardless, they will have fun.

    This program is offered as a mixed class or will be separated into boys and girls (the final count of registrants will determine the outcome).

    We often find many parents who play also want their children to play—and our youth programs will coincide with times and locations of the Spartan Soccer adult programs. We want to make this as flexible as possible to allow as many participants in both (adult and youth) programs.

    Advanced Programs

    All other higher levels of training are on hold for 2022.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I want to make a team but I don’t want the hassle of chasing down fees

    Each player can pay online towards team fees as an option. You don’t chase anyone.

    • That’s pretty cool you came up with the 4 week, 2x games/week as a season called a flight

    Thanks, we think so, too. But… what’s your question?

    • What if some of my roster drop out or can’t afford the player fees?

    Recruit and replace. We manage a wait list, too.

    • What if our team can only play 2 of the 5 flights?

    That can be done. We designed the program to best handle the pandemic uncertainties whilst giving max game time for players in concentrated pockets.

    • I registered my team elsewhere, but we want Spartan now.

    We hear that often and thanks. Can you get a refund? We have rapid onboarding to help your team join.

    • 18 players required?

    No, you can have a smaller roster.

    • Can I have more than 18?

    No, but you can recruit more players and replace as needed for each flight of games.

    • Can I charge players more than what is posted towards the team fee?

    You charge what you want. Be upfront with your players.

    • Can I subsidize the team fees and spread the balance amongst players?

    Yes and we can set it up as you wish for online player payments.

    • What if there is a shutdown mid way through a flight?

    We delay until they allow us to continue.

    • How does a shut down overlap with the next flight?

    It doesn’t. Unplayed games per flight are applied against the next flight.

    • What if the whole summer season is under pandemic and we only play 1 month?

    That’s why we devised the flight concept so that we can pivot quickly, enjoy games in a compressed format, and bunker down as per AHS.

    • Do our players get to play for free in the cohort program on the other days?


    • Do the players in the cohort program get to play as a sub on our team if we’re short?

    No. The cohort players would need to upgrade. You can recruit them.

    • I have a team of 12, how does the team fee work?

    The team fee doesn’t change.