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Spartan youth

We believe that soccer should be about developing your child in a progression that creates desire for more. We focus upon an environment that gets your child to where they need to be to grow their confidence and skills. We reject factory style training systems. We felt something was missing in the current soccer training systems.

We believe training should be frequent and we understand that this may not fit with all family lifestyles. We offer training via 2X weekly and 3X weekly formats. All children start in Phase 1 and are assessed by the coaches for development path and moved as needed to peers and coaching style.

Skyrocket Your Skills And Shoot Past Everyone

Spartan Youth Program 2021

Spartan Soccer has created a program structure that better suits the circumstances of 2021. Considering Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines, we have looked at all options to provide the best options for soccer participation. We are focused on grassroots soccer and options for custom training and advanced skills. Training is completed via small groups in an outdoor program.

Participating in small group/class sizes allows for more one-on-one training, and this helps to better integrate your child into the exciting world of soccer at the grassroots level.

On a more advanced level, our coaches provide additional strategic training that helps to accelerate development. We build upon our premise that soccer training should be ongoing, while still giving the flexibility for everyone’s unique lifestyles (other sports participation, time commitments and other extra-curricular activities, etc.).

Spartan Soccer (youth) programs are set up as monthly basis. If your child is new to soccer, or you wish to see how our system works and compare it to other leagues or programs; try us for a month and see if it suits your child. The youth program is set up to run two or three days a week (evening) training, culminating with a game on the weekend. Unfortunately due to Alberta Health Services (AHS) restrictions, all games are on hold until AHS mandates otherwise. This means the youth program will continue with small cohort training only until further notice.

Grassroots (ages 6 – 10)

This program is designed to introduce children new to soccer, as well as those looking to carry on with an existing interest in having fun. The focus is on a less competitive environment while still developing skills and confidence.

Typically, children will play soccer only during sessions, but they may practice when prompted by parent or friends. One never knows the potential of any child that finds joy in soccer and their interest in developing their skills into a more advanced level. We believe every child has this potential and strive to cultivate that joy.

Advanced (ages 8 – 11)

This program is designed for children that are excited about soccer and are self-motivated to train at home with little prompting. These children also play soccer outside of training sessions with parents and friends. At this level, we explore and cultivate if a child is interested and inclined to enjoy participating at more competitive levels; and if the club route is part of their destination as they grow, they will develop skills and confidence to perform at an advanced level. And regardless, they will have fun.

This program is offered as a mixed class or will be separated into boys and girls (the final count of registrants will determine the outcome).

We often find many parents who play also want their children to play—and our youth programs will coincide with times and locations of the Spartan Soccer adult programs. We want to make this as flexible as possible to allow as many participants in both (adult and youth) programs; as under the current circumstances, we are all struggling with the pandemic and its impact upon lifestyle and income.

Advanced Programs

All other higher levels of training are on hold for 2021.

Current training programs


We are different: We guarantee results or full refund.

Phase 1

  •  2x weekly on M-W
  • 3x weekly on M-W-F
  • Normally 1 game/weekend
  • Start on time without delay
  • 2x weekly (8 sessions ) fee: $80
  • 3x weekly (12 sessions) fee: $120