Masters COED Soccer league

Spartan’s COED Adult soccer program on Fridays has been wildly successful. People are so excited, and we’re growing so fast, that we’re expanding, creating a new Masters COED soccer league for those aged 35 and over. With Fridays continuing to host the all ages Spartan League, this gives qualified players the option of playing in one league, or both. More soccer!

What you get

  • 10 games
  • Standings for a cup
  • Player insurance
  • Certified referees
  • Full version of PowerUp for the team and manager to use
  • Allowed to sub for any other Spartan League

Quality soccer for the over-35 crowd

Format Info

Games will be played at the Edmonton Soccerdome with kickoffs at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm on Wednesdays and no byes.

The format will be 8v8 with 2 females on the field and 2 25 minute halves.

10 games per season.

The minumum roster size is 16 and the maximum is 25.

A full kit is required. This includes shinpads, soccer socks, shorts, jersey, and we recommend turf shoes as the most appropriate footwear.

Participants joining as Full-time players and taking the Bootcamp will get 20% off season fees.