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Spartan Soccer offers soccer in a recreational and competitive league with the primary goal of providing exercise and recreation for members of the community. Here you will find updates and news on all things Spartan.

All Things Spartan

Spartan Newsletter – October 2021

No Adult Indoor Winter Soccer

In light of Alberta’s health emergency, we’ve decided to not offer an adult winter indoor soccer league this season. What we will offer is small class-size training programs for adults—for all individuals who provide proof of vaccinations (as per AHS guidelines). 

We also plan to continue to offering indoor training for youth in small class sizes. This is the same approach as last winter, as we projected any indoor programming would be cut short. Given the current state of COVID-19 cases and the state of emergency in the province, it is likely the same outcome will result this indoor season; so we are taking precautions for health and safety instead of focusing on revenue.

Snow Soccer/Soccer Under the Lights

Last year we chose to delay all indoor soccer programs during the winter. We did continue our outdoor soccer cohorts program in a safe manner. This paved the way into our Snow Soccer program that was enjoyed by many. The outdoor program included soccer under the lights and games in the afternoon on weekends (in the snow as weather permitted). The Snow Soccer program was lit up! We kept soccer outside, with players dressing for weather—this was the best option available for players wanting something different, safer, and fun; keeping us active during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Outdoor participation is much safer than any indoor option. We also prepare you properly.

Wearing suggested gear and clothing to best handle the weather, soccer outdoors is among the most fun you’ll have—once you start moving, you don’t notice the cold. 

Outdoor Program Information
A full season of snow soccer will commence November 1, and this will continue until early April. Snow soccer is much like beach soccer, and the technical skills you develop includes agility and close ball control.

We’ve played in -15 and it was phenomenal for everyone. Without a wind chill, you can even play in -20 if you wear layers. 

Last year, about 50 participants got together 4-6 times a week for snow soccer. 

This year, our program is based on a full season (November 1 to early April, for ~ 6 months of snow soccer)

Cost: $150/player 

Game Days: You can play each day we offer the program (up to 4x per week). 

Everything is set up for you: flood lights, LED balls, pinnies, flashing cones and music! All you need is to bring a good attitude and have fun with Spartan Soccer. 

Registration will be up this week on our website.

Assessment for Indoor Programs

In January 2022, we will review and update our programs (based upon Alberta Health Services and Government of Alberta assessment of the COVID-19 health situation). If it is feasible to allow further programs indoors, we’ll announce plans at that time. Likely the best option is to focus on spring 2022, as we launch into our outdoor programs and more stability from the pandemic in Alberta.

Current Fall Programming Continues

Our outdoor COED league runs until the end of October. There are two separate leagues playing on Tuesday nights at the Larry Olexiuk stadium in St. Albert and Sunday nights at UofA’s Lister Hall. Both locations offer premium turf and stadium lights turned on for Spartan players. Nothing but the best for our players! 

In addition, we are still managing Cohorts for footie action up to 4X per week. This is more soccer with us than anywhere else, and it is managed to adhere to AHS guidelines. Come join us and have some fun! As the weather and lighting changes, we will bring out the lights for safety.

Fall Programs Links

We are halfway through our current season and we are still welcoming players. There are a few spots on some of the teams—join the fun we’re having; the games are fully officiated and under the lights. We are currently the only insured and regulated outdoor soccer action in the region. Use this link to checkout our current offerings and use the “Select Category”.

Link: Spartan Player Registration

Bonus Playing Time

Players registered on teams can come out to as many daily cohorts games each week as they choose. This opportunity is included in the fees paid to be on the COED teams. And if you are already on a COED team, you may sub for free on other teams when requested (e.g., on Tuesday nights if needed, when you play on Sundays normally). 

If you are a Cohort player, you are allowed to come out as a sub in league games up to 2x per month—to give our leagues a try before joining a team (it is our trialist program). 

We don’t do trial lists or require permission slips. Once you are registered on a team with us, then you’re part of the whole Spartan Soccer community. Come join our growing soccer family!

Recruiting Players – Indoor Fall/Winter 2021

We are looking for players on the following teams (we have a Spartan team in the following leagues in the Fall/Winter season): 

    • VMSL Premier 35 (2 teams now)
    • VMSL Majors 45
    • EDSA Masters 35, Div 2

Youth, Adult and GK Training

If you’re interested in gaining skills before committing to full leagues both in Spartan and elsewhere, we offer Basic Skill training  (soccer basics) and Advanced Training programs; these are intended to introduce you to soccer, or prepare you for more advanced performance.

Link: Training Programs

Stay Updated and Follow Us on Social Media 

The best way to up to date on all things Spartan is to follow or join our various social media platforms. On Facebook and Instagram we feature interviews with our players, and show short game videos of Spartan leagues and Cohorts action. It helps us to recruit more players and subs, and grow our soccer family. Follow us and subscribe to our newsletter too:

    • Like & follow our Facebook business page: FB Biz page
    • Join our Facebook group: FB Social Group
    • Follow our Instagram page: IG Page
    • Join our community text app: 587-417-6570
    • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter: webby! 

Spartan Newsletter September 2021

An exciting and successful summer with the launch of our Open Mens and COED programs (we called these 8 games/season a flight). This bundled with our daily Cohorts provided more soccer for anyone than any other league in the region. We hit target! The Cohort program will continue into winter as snow soccer, just like we did last year. Get ready for that, too!

We also launched our Fall outdoor soccer program as another flight as a Tuesday league and a Sunday league running until end of October. The Tuesday program is sold out. The Sunday version is waiting list only for players looking. We are building a Friday league now. We can also make a custom league on other days for either Open Mens or COED provided teams approach us ASAP. We can get lots of soccer in before snow hits. Check out our videos and pictures of Spartans playing at premium facilities under stadium lights. Nothing but the best for our Spartans!

For the coming indoor program, we will do something complete different this year in light of the pandemic. We note that all leagues suffered team attrition and the remaining teams are a cobbling of players from various teams for the past Indoor and the current summer programs. Some leagues shut down programs for the summer, too. We think everyone did the best they could under the current circumstances and applaud the entire soccer community for putting anything together. It was tough for all.

Our next indoor program will require all players to upload proof of double vaccination. We understand this will generate a lot of blowback and we respect everyone’s view on the matter. We will only offer an indoor Futsol program (smaller teams, smaller venues, and thus isolated teams providing less contact for all). Most of the venues will be a court setting and some of the games will be on turf. We also skip the need for a mobile app and the need for anyone to check you in: just go and play as we use to do in the before time…

We are planning for a November start and details will be posted on our website over the coming weeks.

Fall Programs Links

Use this link to checkout our offerings and use the “Select Category” filter.

Spartan Player Registration

If you a team/s wanting to set up a custom day, or join our Friday program, then send us an email:

Bonus :

Players registered on teams get the Daily Cohorts included. Cohort players also get to sub in a league game 2x month to give a try before joining a team. Also, regular team players may sub for free on other teams when requested. We don’t do trial lists or require permission slips. Once you are registered in a team with us, then you are of the whole Spartan community. Come join our growing soccer family!


Recruiting Players – Indoor Fall/Winter 2021

  • VMSL Premier 35 (2 teams now)
  • VMSL Majors 45
  • EDSA Masters 35, Div 2

Youth, Adult, And GK Training

Basics and Advanced to introduce or prepare you for soccer.

Link: Training Programs

Social Media

Please check our videos and pictures on our social media channels.


Spartan Newsletter August 2021

We Jumped Too!

We delayed this newsletter while nail biting for the victory made for gold by Canada Soccer Women’s National Team! Our women delivered as we believed they would.

Looking forward to the Men’s National Team to eventually follow the blazing trail made by our Canadian Women! Kudos! Cheers! A most deserved victory!

Our Leagues Started In July!

July was an awesome month as we launched our new formats and teams enjoyed what we offered. Teams played twice weekly at premium turf locations and on days without they had the daily cohorts for extra footie. Our first flight of Open Mens and COED ended Aug 5. Next flight of these outdoor leagues starts Aug 19 as we continue with 2X games per week. We’ve also had more requests for women’s teams and female players looking for the Open Womens program. This is really exciting!

We will also introduce a 1x game/week format on Tuesday starting Aug 24 for those players and teams that find such more suitable.

The cohort program will continue into the fall and winter, as it did last year, in the friendly style of footie with Spartan Cohorts. Snow soccer was introduced by Spartan to the region last year and players loved it and that will return, too.

Summer Programs

Daily Cohorts
For those who want to check us out or too busy to join a team. 

2 games/week

Open Mens or Womens
2 games/week

Flat team rate is $1800

Read more


Lots Of Soccer Options

Play more games per week than any other league! See our program grid in the 2021 Season page.

Please check our training programs for youth and adults. We also offer such for families to train together, too. Indoor programs will commence Oct 1 as in previous years.

Read more

Lead Or Join A Team!

Teams looking for a captain. Step up and join our ranks. We show you how easy it is to manage a team.

Do you need tournament sanctioning or game officials? Send us an email for a video conference and learn about all the things we can do for you. See next section to get invited.

Read more

Spartan Video Conference

Want to find out more, how to add your team, club, or league to Spartan? Do you need tournament sanctioning or game officials? Send us an email for a private video conference and learn about all the things we can do for you. 


Spartan Newsletter July 2021

These are exciting times as we return to normal. No one knows how long this will take or what blips there may be on the horizon. Lots to address as we move cautiously along the hesitancy road. Many leagues were forced to cannibalize teams to provide some form of soccer fun during the summer. This has been tough on all of us in the soccer community.

Our new programs have addressed many things that players are looking for. We are excited to debut our new Open Mens on July 8 and COED on July 11 played exclusively on artificial turf for 2 regulated games weekly on Sunday and Thursday evenings. Our Daily Cohort program has been active for almost a month and we have hosted footie weekly in Edmonton and St. Albert for hundreds of Spartans, friends, and new recruits. Please check our videos and pictures on our social media channels.


Summer Programs Links

Daily Cohorts: $50/month

For those who want to check us out or too busy to join a team.

Link: Daily Cohorts

COED: $100/month

Sun & Thurs – 2 games/week

For those players joining any COED team.

Link: COED Players

Open Mens: $100/month

Sun & Thurs – 2 game/week

For those players joining any Open Mens team.

Link: Open Mens Player


Players registered in COED or Open Mens get the Daily Cohorts included. Also, players may  sub for free on other teams when requested.

If you are a player/team looking to join our programs, we have a rapid onboarding system that can add new players/teams in minutes. Everything we have done since inception has been online. We introduced the first player image game sheets on iPads for all referees for the region. You will never need a player card. Also, our player mobile app system is ad free and clean of any distractions.

Please check our training programs for youth and adults. We also offer such for families to train together, too. We are adding a new COED program 1x week soon. Interested players/teams please contact us ASAP.


Youth, Adult, And GK Training

Basics and Advanced to introduce or prepare you for soccer.

Link: Training Programs


Private Video Conference

Want to find out more, how to add your team, club, or league to Spartan? Do you need tournament sanctioning or game officials? Send us an email for a private video conference and learn about all the things we can do for you. Contact us via


Social Media

Spartan Soccer June 2021 Newsletter

It is good to see the recent announcement by the Government! It is optimistic, gives us a light at the end of the tunnel, and we all need a dose of that. However, there are definitely a number of hurdles we need to cross before there is a return to what we consider normal. There is a lot of urgency created by pandemic stress, and a cautious approach is also needed to return to sport safely.

A few prominent concerns include:

  • Hesitancy to return—this is expected and normal among players;
  • An increased risk of injury—since many have been less than active during the pandemic and may not be ready (and rushing into full action is typically when more serious injuries occur);
  • Opportunity for players to have a slower, steady and cautious return—having a method to return without over-pushing the intensity; as no one wants is to jump back into the thick of things and get injured;
  • With all the time off, there is a lot of pent up energy, stress and frustration of not playing/being physically active, and this naturally creates urgency to be the weekend warrior (and we want to be safe); and
  • Everyone must be wary of rushing back or risk messing up the whole summer nursing injuries.

To assist in this transition, Spartan Soccer has developed several programs and added new initiatives to expand the soccer community and safely prepare players for return to action. Our programs were designed to be compressed in short format and can be easily launched by anyone looking to get back to regular intensity (or just to be/become active. We can also adjust as needed during season based upon Alberta Health Services (AHS) mandates, in case rules change and we are required to focus on any further delays in schedule. We have also heard from many of you, and from athletic and medical professionals, that our approach is suitable and appealing. We have incorporated many suggestions into the development of our programs.

Spartan Soccer wants to expand the game in our region, and we are introducing more programs to get people to experience the sport. In addition to the Adult Basics and Advanced programs, we now offer Goal Keeper training for all ages.

Players now have more soccer opportunities with Spartan. Check out the program grid in the 2021 Season. We have also set up our programs to better accommodate families, lifestyles, availability, skill levels, fitness and accessibility. 

New Partner Organization/Member

Spartan Soccer welcomes Powerplay FC Juniors into the Spartan Soccer Association. This organization provides sports introduction for ages 3-6 in a specialized indoor course. Please see more about its program for further information and registration at PowerPlay FC Juniors.

Hit & Run Accident – Please Help

One of or Spartans was injured in a hit & run accident recently. Many of you will know Mike Strome. He is an amazing person, filled with kindness, and a rock solid keeper who has helped many teams. His partner is Lana Heyman, another Spartan. Please review his GoFundMe page at Michael Strome – for information and how to help. Also, kindly share this link far and wide.

Private Video Conference

We are hosting a private video conference to cover all things Spartan:

  • Friday June 11, 2021 at 7PM: specifically for teams, reps, and clubs only.
  • Monday June 14, 2021 at 7PM: players only (everyone is welcome).

Send your request to join the meeting to (if you are registering on behalf of a team or club you represent, please let us know).

House Keeping – New Recruits

A big thanks to the many of you who have added/sent us new recruits. As you know we respond quickly. However, some contacts are not responding back; can you check in with your contacts and let them know/check to see if our emails are in their Spam folder.

May 2021 Newsletter

Hello from Spartan Soccer! With the current pandemic, everything is still up in the air on when we can return to sport programs. Alberta Health Services (AHS) has not advanced past stage two and we are currently in the midst of a third wave. It is frustrating, but we must be safe!

Return ready to play 

Even though we’re not sure when we’ll return to the pitch, plans are being made. Another reality is being ready when returning to the great game, and making sure you are prepared and ready. Most of us haven’t played or had a chance to properly work out in SO long, that conditioning is low and injury risk is much higher. Most of us are ready to get out there and engage at higher pace, fuelled by elation for a return, frustration from not playing, and angst—it means stress levels are high and it sucks. It is hard on all of us. But when we return to play, it would be irresponsible to rush into full high-intensity games; starting slow and working towards higher pace is a safe option to build up intensity.

At this point, since most of us are not conditioned for high-level competitive play yet, we felt the introduction to an open program will do the trick. This helps everyone in acclimatizing for a return to regular soccer in the fall—something we all assume and hope will happen. We just want to play, run, laugh (and). Repeat.

Most importantly, we must be careful upon return in order to limit and prevent any personal setbacks and risk of severe injuries. What makes me sad, is hearing that there are some players may never return to soccer, even after the pandemic. I feel this is a path to be limited at all costs, and we’re looking at all options to make it easy for everyone to return to soccer.

COVID-19 restrictions have been challenging

I understand that depression, anxiety and new realities have hit many of us, and this has affected us in challenging ways. Things will get better. We will get past this. Hang in there.

You can do this! We are here for support and only a phone call or email away if you need to talk.

The great game is the outlet for all of us. It puts us in a zone of joy and thrill. We’ve experienced a lot of laughter, fun times and drinks post-games with friends—new and old, and this has always blessed us during the pandemic. In 2020, we hosted over 200 outdoor games for nearly 300 cohorts. It helped all of us. The plan is to do that again in 2021 and grow our ranks further. Tell your friends to join us. We are good soccer peeps!

Feedback from our program for this year has been good. Players are registering and teams are forming. We’ve even come up with enhancements to make it easier than before.

We need your help

Most people want to play, so we are looking for reps to step up and take lead of some of our teams. It’s not hard work, and we have apps that make it easy. You just need a good attitude and the rest just happens—we’ll work with you if you are willing to do this, so please step up.

Spartan Soccer is planning a pandemic program

Our program allows you to enjoy lots of soccer in a four-week period (called a flight), then a one-week break. Then you continue with your team for another four weeks (if you wish). We’ve designed this as a four week program in case we get hit with another shut down, pauses or other regulated changes. While we don’t think that will happen currently, we want to be prepared.

Fortunately, since the vaccine programs are becoming more accessible, and a return to the new normal is on the horizon; if we do face a hard shut down, it will only be for a 3-4 week period (as often noted by Alberta Health Services). Our program allows us to pivot quickly without fuss, and we are fully committed to following AHS regulations and rules.

All leagues have been hit with about a 60 per cent attrition in teams. It has devastated the soccer community everywhere. We were lucky to have the only sanctioned league active in summer 2020 (our Spartan cohort program). Some of the other leagues did have splintered training programs in place; however, there was nothing viable happening at a sanctioned (monitored) level. We did our best. It was hard on everyone, but at least there was some form of soccer that everyone enjoyed.

New youth option

As part of our return for 2021 we also added a new youth program. A unique training program for boys or girls (but not mixed). This week our registration system will be updated with the new options. We heard what you want to see, and added suggestions from the ranks of Spartan. We are delivering.

Spartan March 2021 Spring Update

With the current regulations and phased-in approach from Alberta Health Services (AHS), we anticipate 2021 adult soccer to be similar to 2020. As you may recall, all sanctioned leagues in Alberta were not allowed to provide a regular season and were shut down. This shut down gave opportunity for the non-sanctioned soccer to gain players desperately looking for footie action—and the Spartan league offered and coordinated free cohort soccer as the right thing to do, giving players an outlet to cope during the pandemic. It was more important we gave back to our community instead of focusing on creating a regular season soccer. For those who participated in the cohort soccer, this was a successful option, where games were offered every day in locations across the region.

To speak honestly, the pandemic hurt all rosters in every league. When soccer leagues were created, teams that were able to form, consisted of players made up of many other teams, and then seasons were cancelled as we navigated Covid-19 protocols. And still, many other players (with over 50 per cent of players registered in previous seasons) remained cautious for themselves and loved ones during the crisis, and chose not to participate in any sort of league play—even though outdoor soccer is significantly safer than indoor.

As the province navigated cohort regulations, the recent winter indoor season witnessed an attempt (by a number of organizations) to cater to adult soccer needs, and leagues were formed. This was short lived, and seasons were cancelled as the province went into lockdown this winter; leaving many people left in the cold about league fees and participation.

It was an interesting contrast to see teams form for indoors, a much riskier prospect than outdoors; but obviously, frustration pushed players. Despite best efforts, the infection and exposure numbers climbed across the province and, as expected, everything shutdown. This was not easy on any of us.

Spartan chose to not launch an indoor season for Winter 2020 (too risky). We did continue with our outdoor program during the fall/winter and introduced snow soccer and soccer under the lights. Since this was significantly safer than indoor activity (and was monitored to ensure we followed AHS regulations), we were among the last action when all else was shut down.

As AHS restrictions increased, we adapted, and changed our offerings to hiking, and then eventually, a complete shut down. And now, as restrictions are lifted and closer to phase two of AHS relaunch plans, hiking has been revived; we anticipate an outdoor easement in the next month or two so we can return to snow and cohort soccer as the weather changes.

Based upon the success of our coed cohort program in 2020, almost 300 players were split into cohort groups across the city; we played more than 200 games without subs, for 90+ minutes more often than not (with water breaks as needed). Most nights saw 12 vs. 12 games in a cross-field format without keepers. We even had two games running simultaneously (side-by-side) in a 10 vs. 10 format.

Players adapted and adopted the system. It worked.

Cohort Soccer was laughs, fun, in a relaxed environment, with great and safe soccer. Newer players were mentored by more experienced players. Everyone was encouraged and given opportunities to have fun.

All were welcome. Many claimed us as the best soccer around. People just wanted footie, laughs, quality soccer and a chance to keep up fitness in a safe and fun setting.

Spartan Soccer delivered.

From this, we designed a new season that allowed participants to play as often as possible under the Spartan banner. We want you with us!