Adult COED Soccer league

Known among many as the premier COED of the region, you will quickly find a home here. All skills will fit with us (newbie – expert) in our unique soccer culture. We also feature mentoring teams to grow your skills and move freely to find the best fit or challenge. Soccer is family to us. Come join. We welcome all.

  • More games per season than elsewhere
  • Season finals, trophy, medals, standings
  • Annual Spartan Championship in September
  • Annual Game of Trophies (GoT) in December
  • You can sub as requested for other teams without restrictions
  • Payment plans are offered
  • Team managers get fully enabled team management software
  • Want to improve? Check out our Spartan Bootcamp

The region’s premier adult coed soccer leagues

Individual Players

Spartan Coed Soccer is Edmonton coed soccer at it’s finest. We play on turf with no boards at indoor and outdoor facilities – allowing you to play this beautiful sport year round.

The following registration links are for individual players. You will be taken to the registration app.

Use these player or participant links to secure a spot.

If on a team, then your team captain will send us a roster.

If looking for a team, then we will assign to a team for trial.

If new to soccer, we will assign you to a mentor team until you are ready.

Participants joining as Full-time players and taking the Bootcamp will get a gift certificate applied at regristraion.

League Info

We offer Indoor and Outdoor for the Summer season, and Indoor for the Winter season:

Indoor games

  • 6v6 (rec) or 8v8 on Fridays (depending on location and field size)
  • 50 minutes (2 x25) minute halves
  • No Byes ever!
  • Indoor Fall/Winter season is 30 games long
    • 4 Preseason Games for divisional seeding
    • 3 All-Star Games (2 during Christmas, 1 before Cup Finals)
    • 3 weeks of Cup Finals
    • 20 Regular Season games
  • All on turf with no boards!

Indoor (7v7 + 8v8) – Div 1 & 2 – Fridays – SOLD OUT

For active and skilled soccer players returning or looking to join. Most of this core is Div 1-4 EDSA players and similar. We have Majors and Premiers playing, too. Highly skilled players (Majors and Premier) will find Spartan a high intensity training session.

Current Spartan Div 1 players cannot play down to Div 2; however, Div 2 can play up if requested.

A 30 game season with pre season games, reseeding of teams at mid season (games 1-10), 2 week Winter All Star Mix during Xmas holidays, then second half of season (games 11-20), then finals for cup.

Fees: $275. We offer payment plans.

Register as a Substitute (Part Time) Player

It’s $30 to register as a Sub for the season. This covers your annual insurance fee. (This is required for ALL players, both part- and full-time.) You are managed in the Sub Pool and called upon when a team requires a Sub. You’ll need to have our phone app active.

There is a per-game fee to cover field rentals each time that you play: $10/game for indoor; $15/game for outdoor.

When you choose to transition from a sub to a full-time player, the registration (insurance) fee and any per-game fees paid are deducted from your season fee. You only pay the remainder.

Full-time players are permitted to sub for other teams at no additional cost.

All Subs MUST be registered so that they are covered by insurance. Register using the button below.

You can pay your $10 per game fee to us through e-transfer at info@spartansoccer.ca.

Outdoor games

  • 8v8, 9v9 or 11v11 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • All games start after 6:30PM
  • 20 games with no byes ever
  • Season starts May until end of September
  • Exclusively at turf stadiums and premium fields